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In order to meet the current needs of university education, public and private universities are striving to improve the quality of teachers and students and the goal of campus art in recent years, due to the improvement of people's standard of living and the demand of quality of life. In view of this, the University has developed a new multi-purpose exhibition space for the students to enhance the basic ability of students and cultivate the enthusiasm of the students to serve the community, especially in the new ground building, to provide art, culture and academic creators Of the show. The Center was established in December 1997 and has been operating since the beginning of the 98th academic year. It is responsible for the planning and promotion of arts-related activities and deepening the connotation of school culture and arts. The center is a well-planned circular exhibition space with exhibition cabinets, movable partitions and three-dimensional display stands. It can change the space according to the actual exhibition demand and provide a variety of works to be exhibited. The exhibition space can accommodate 30- 50 pieces of flat works (depending on work size). So far, the Arts Center has been handling multi-file painting exhibitions and music performances, well received. In addition to providing on-campus teacher research and exhibitions and inviting artists to exhibit, the Center will also open up applications for arts creators outside the school. Artists are welcome to submit applications and hope to have the opportunity to serve everyone.



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The "General Education Center", which has been in operation since 2008, is the "Technology and Humanistic Care" concept for the purpose of implementing the School's whole-person education: "Arts and Culture Center" A variety of arts and culture feast of the train through the "Academy of Heaven. Literature pulse" to create a "life aesthetics" platform, in this show the secret lecture, art performances, action lectures, classics, Yueyin stack General education potential train, with the "Chair Cafe Aberdeen Coffee Salon" heart touring space to provide K book collection, listening to music painting, talk about the old days, has become a school teachers and students "campus travel", willing to stop the market area.